Events and programmes

Programmes and events are an integral part of Inner Wings. We run a series of activities in partnership with schools across the United Kingdom, as well as hosting regular online events. The programmes are all designed to support and deliver on our mission of empowering girls. Find out more about our planned programmes and upcoming events below and sign up to be notified when they launch.

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Talks, workshops, football and more.

Online mini-series | Wednesdays, from 3rd of February

Our first, 5 week Inner Wings mini-series has launched on Wednesday 3rd February! We hope you enjoyed session 1 of Finding Your Superpower, where we learnt what a superpower is! If you missed the first episode, watch it here.

Join us today, 10th February at 3:30pm GMT to watch session 2 live with your kids here. We will be hosting it on Google Meet so that your kids can join in and participate. This session will not be recorded but a separate version will be made available for those that can’t make it.

In session 2, we will be showing your child how they can connect to their feelings and practice embodiment! When your child can recognise how an activity makes them feel, rather than questioning whether they are good at it or not, they will be able to spend more time focusing on their unique superpowers, becoming a confident individual and opening up the pathway to happiness. 

Don't want to miss a session? Check back here on Wednesdays or subscribe to our YouTube channel!


Book Readings

Reading | Coming in 2021

A series of virtual and in-person readings by Inner Wings founder and author, Melissa Di Donato Roos. These books are designed to motivate and inspire young girls to find their inner strength, build their self-confidence, and accomplish their goals, whatever they may be.


The Power of Public Speaking

Workshop | Coming in 2021

We will host a series of online and in-person workshops that teach girls key communication skills. These interactive and fun workshops are designed to improve confidence in an engaging way, appropriate for specific age-groups.


Inner Wings Football

Sports | Coming in 2021

All too often football is thought of as a ‘male sport’, but we want to change that! There is scientific research showing a strong link between team sports and confidence, but sadly many girls stop playing because of low confidence. Our football classes will focus on re-building girls’ confidence, whilst having fun and being part of a supportive community.


Ambassador Programme: Inner Wings Angels

Role modelling | Coming in 2021

We will be recruiting several “Inner Wings Angels”: Girls aged 15-18 years old who will represent Inner Wings in their school and local community. Responsibilities include raising awareness for Inner Wings and our programmes and acting as mentors for their younger peers. In return, they will learn key presenting and campaigning skills at ambassador training events, become part of the Inner Wings community where they will meet new people and become leaders for positive change. Sign up to be notified when applications open.


Improvisation Workshops

Workshop | Coming in 2021

Not only is improvisation a fun and interactive activity, it can also visibly increase confidence. These Inner Wings workshops, which require you to act on the spot and perform in front of groups of people, will improve confidence in a fun environment.

Past events


Programmes and events that we had in the past.

Building Confidence in Girls

Interview | Wednesday 14th October 2020  14:30 - 15:00

Our first ever event was a Q&A at Ada Scot Festival with our founder, Melissa Di Donato Roos, and key advocate for women’s rights, Baroness Goudie. Watch this 30-minute discussion to hear about Melissa’s career journey that has led her to becoming CEO of the leading private open-source software company, the importance of mentoring, and how Inner Wings hopes to help the millions of children facing confidence issues across the U.K.


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